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Steve Pearson
9900 Johnson Dr.
Merriam, Kansas 66203

As a child I was always amazed at the lights on the Plaza and in the Downtown Kansas City Missouri department store display windows. There was also a display put up by a gentleman that is now located at 76th and Falmouth in Overland Park. Close by his house is Candy Cane lane. I always wanted to put up a display that would amaze children of all ages.

I always had some lights on my house but in 1989 I started to grow. In 2002 I had 15,000 lights. It took 50 amps of power to run all the lights at once.

I'm started this site to give everyone in Kansas City a place to go to find the best Christmas Displays. I hope to make it easy for a family to plan a light tour that allows them to see as much as possible in a night. This is my first year and hope to improve the site over time.

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